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SharePoint slide libraries I: Set up a library for your team

Three colleagues wondering where to find the same slide

It's typical for several people to want to reuse the same slide.

Maybe you're familiar with this kind of situation: A colleague in your organization, we'll call him Bert, creates a wonderful slide — one with the type of general content that would be useful in a range of situations and presentations. Maybe it details the organization's earnings by quarter, in an impressive graphic.

And several people among your staff also want to use this slide. It's relevant to their presentations, too. They mail Bert to get the location of his Annual Report presentation so they can copy that slide.

But what if Bert isn't around? Or what if people don't know to ask Bert, or after some time has passed, Bert can't find the presentation with the slide in question?

Avoid these stumbling blocks and make it always possible for your team to find already-created, relevant slides by creating a slide library.

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