Set up slide margins for printing

  1. On the File menu, click Page Setup.
  2. In the Slides sized for box, click the option you want.

ShowSet custom margins

If you are printing to a nonstandard paper size, you might want to set custom margins to suit your content and output.

  1. On the File menu, click Page Setup.
  2. Click Custom, and then enter the measurements you want in the Width and Height boxes.


All slides in a presentation must be in one orientation, but you can choose a different orientation for notes pages, handouts, and the outline.

When you change to a different page orientation, you might want to change the shape or placement of text placeholders (placeholders: Boxes with dotted or hatch-marked borders that are part of most slide layouts. These boxes hold title and body text or objects such as charts, tables, and pictures.) or other items on the slide master (slide master: The main slide that stores information about the theme and layouts of a presentation, including the background, color, fonts, effects, placeholder sizes, and positions.) so they're better suited for the new orientation.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003