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SharePoint slide libraries I: Set up a library for your team

Sending slide library URL to team in email and using slide library link on Quick Launch of team site

Give your team the two main methods for accessing the library:

Callout 1 Provide them with the URL for the library so they can open the site and add it to their favorites. You can send the link in e-mail.
Callout 2 Emphasize to your team that they can always access the library from the team site by clicking its link on the Quick Launch, to the left of the window.

It's not a bad idea to encourage people to write down or memorize the URL for the team site, if not for the library itself, in case they want to access the library from a computer that doesn't include it on the Favorites menu. The URL for the team site shown in this example would be: http://sharepoint/sites/MargiesTeam.

Remember, see the next course in this series (SharePoint slide libraries II) for in-depth steps on copying and editing slides.

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