Print slides

 Important   This topic provides instructions for printing one slide per page. If you want to print multiple slides on a page to hand out to your audience, see the topic Print handouts.

Most presentations are designed to be presented in color, but slides and handouts are usually printed in black and white or shades of gray (grayscale mode). When you print your slides, Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 sets the colors in your presentation to match the selected printer's capabilities.

You can size the slides to fit different paper sizes, including letter and ledger, or you can create a custom size. You can also print to overhead transparencies.

To print your presentation slides, do the following:

  1. Set the slide size for printing.


  1. On the File menu, click Page Setup.
  2. In the Slides sized for list, click the size of paper to which you will be printing.

If you click Custom, type or select the measurements you want in the Width and Height boxes.

  1. To set the page orientation for the slides, click Landscape or Portrait.

All slides in a presentation must be set to one orientation, but you can choose a different orientation for notes pages, handouts, and the outline.


  1. To see what your slides will look like when they print, on the File menu, click Print Preview.
  2. To change how the slides will look when printed, on the Print Preview toolbar, click Options, and then make the changes.

For example, if a particular shape or object doesn't look good in grayscale mode, try changing it to just black and white by pointing to Color/Grayscale on the Options menu, and then clicking Pure Black and White.

  1. On the Print Preview toolbar, in the Print What box, click Slides.
  2. On the Print Preview toolbar, click Print Button image.


  • If you are creating transparencies for an overhead projector, use this procedure to print your presentation on transparent sheets. Click Overhead in the Slides sized for list when you set up the pages for printing. PowerPoint automatically optimizes your slides to suit the printer that you have selected — either black and white or color.
  • If you want to print slides in color, on the View menu, point to Color/Grayscale, and then click Color. You must have a color printer selected as your default printer to preview the slides in color in Print Preview.

More information    Find links to information about printing notes pages, handouts, an outline, reviewer's comments, or ink annotations in the See Also box, which is visible when you are connected to the Internet.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003