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Playing movies

PowerPoint practice file and practice instructions

Download size: 14 KB (<1 min @ 56 Kbps)

Practice in PowerPoint
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For this practice session, you'll insert a movie file, and you'll give it a delay, lengthen its playing time, and change its start setting.

Download a movie file for the practice

To do the practice sessions in this course, download a sample movie file, Bee.mpg. Follow these steps to download the movie; it's best if you do this process all in one sitting:

  1. To keep these instructions in front of you, print this page. On the File menu, click Print, and click Print again. (If that doesn't print these instructions, try this: Drag to select this text. Start with the heading, "Download a movie file for the practice," and drag to the end of the steps. That should put a selection highlight on all the text. Then right-click on the selection, and click Print on the little shortcut menu.)
  2. When you have these printed instructions close at hand, click this link, Practice Bee Movie. This takes you to the download page, titled "PowerPoint 2003 Sample: Bee Movie."
  3. In the middle of the page, click the Download button.
  4. In the File Download, Security Warning dialog box, click Save.
  5. In the Save As dialog box, choose a place on your computer to download the BeeMovie.exe (this is the program that contains the sample file). Click Save.
  6. In the Download Complete dialog box, click Run.

The InstallShield wizard opens. Click Next. Work through the License Agreement screen and click Next.

Important     On the Destination Folder screen, note the path the wizard gives for where it will install the file. You'll need to navigate to this path when you open the file in this course's practice session. To put the file in a different location, click the Change button, and select the destination for the file; then click OK. In the wizard, click Next.

On the next screen, click Install. When the installation is done, click Finish in the wizard; it closes.

  1. When the installation is done, if you have done this process without interruption, you should have a page in front of you that says "Thank you for downloading." Click the Back button in the browser twice to return to this training course page. If you can't browse back to this page, but you're back at the Download page, look for the "Playing movies" link on the Download page, under "Overview." The link takes you back to the course. Then navigate back to this practice page (first practice in Lesson 1).

Now that you've installed the practice movie file, click Practice in PowerPoint above to launch the practice session. PowerPoint opens, a practice presentation opens on your computer, and you follow the steps in the practice pane on the right.

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