PowerPoint 2003 training courses

A roadmap to PowerPoint 2003 training:

1. A great place to start

Course What you’ll learn
Create your first presentation The steps for preparing a show, start to finish — from writing your text, laying out slides, and applying a design template, to doing a preview and getting ready to present
So that's how! Great PowerPoint features How to put a presentation on a CD, how to add a unique design to title slides, and how to do a couple of other things (related to templates and pictures) you'll be glad to
know about

2. Choice for charts

Course What you’ll learn
Flowcharting with flair How to create a flowchart, make it look the way you want it to, and give it styles
Org charts A to Z How to create an organization chart, top to bottom, end to end
Use Visio drawings in presentations, documents, and publications How to insert complex charts into
a PowerPoint show and work
with them

3. Animation skills

Course What you’ll learn
Animations I: Preset and custom animation Animation basics: How to add animation using a preset scheme, and how to adapt animation effects to your purposes
Animations II: Motion paths How to make stuff zoom around on your slides, wherever you want
it to go
Animations III: Timing Delays and surprises: How to schedule your effects for maximum effectiveness

4. Sound decisions, movie magic

Course What you’ll learn
Playing sound How to insert and play a sound file across several slides, how to program and play a CD
Playing movies How to insert and play a movie: options, buttons, full-screen view

5. Master design skills

Course What you’ll learn
Design efficiently with masters How to make one set of changes apply to many slides, and how to make title slides look different from other slides
Create your own template How to build on a design template that comes with PowerPoint and turn it into one that perfectly suits your organization or event

6. Presenter extraordinaire

Course What you’ll learn
The small print: headers and footers How to get footer text and slide or page numbers the way you want them on slides and printouts
Navigation know-how How to use the new Slide Show toolbar, how to move freely and precisely between slides, and how task panes and the keyboard can shorten your work

7. And for your audience

Course What you’ll learn
Printing I: Know your options Which of the PowerPoint printout types is the one you want for a given occasion, and how to print a presentation in Microsoft OfficeWord
Printing II: Work with color commands Which of the color options is the one you want — full color, black and white with some grays, or barest black and white — and how to keep parts of your slides from printing at all

Note     You can also download shorter PowerPoint versions of some training courses, or you can download the Quick Reference Cards that summarize each course.

And that's not all – the whole


Online training isn't just for PowerPoint. It's also available for the other programs in the Microsoft Office System. Because the more you know, the better you do.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003