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Playing sound

Sound options opened from the shortcut menu

For more sound options:
Callout 1 Right-click the sound icon and click Edit Sound Object.
Callout 2 Loop repeats the sound until you stop it.
Callout 3 Volume opens a slider that lets you adjust volume.
Callout 4 Hide keeps the sound icon from showing during a slide show.
Callout 5 File shows the path to the sound file's location.

There's another place you can set additional sound options, such as looping (repeating) the sound or hiding its icon. You get there from the shortcut menu on the sound icon.

  • Right-click the sound icon to open the shortcut menu and click Edit Sound Object. You see the options shown in the picture on the left.

Loop the sound     Depending on how you're stopping the sound, this option keeps repeating the sound until you stop it. If you select the Loop until stopped check box and then set the sound to stop after three slides, it loops through those three slides.

Hide the icon     Select this check box to make the sound icon invisible in a slide show. Only use this option, however, if you've set the sound to play automatically, or if you've created some other kind of control, such as an action button, to click to play the sound. (For tips on dealing with the sound icon, see the Quick Reference Card at the end of the course.) The sound icon is always visible in normal view.

The area below Information gives you the location of the sound file. "Contained in presentation" means the file is part of the presentation and not linked from elsewhere. More on this in the next section.

Note     For details about other sound options, see the Quick Reference Card.

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