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So that's how! Great PowerPoint features

Using "Package for CD" to copy various files to a CD

Package for CD bundles all your presentation files together for easy transfer and viewing.

You've been waiting for it—an easy way to package your presentation files and carry them to present elsewhere or give them to someone else to view. Now you can bundle your presentation, all the files that link to it, related files of your choice, and the PowerPoint Viewer onto a CD or into a shared folder.

And, you have choices. The viewer, which runs presentations on a computer without PowerPoint, is optional. If you don't have a CD burner, package all your files to a folder instead, and copy the folder to a system that has a CD burner, or share it on a server.

The requirements for this feature are detailed on this page.

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  • To package to a CD from PowerPoint, you need a CD burner and Microsoft Windows XP or later. PowerPoint uses the CD-burning components of Windows XP to burn the CD.
  • If you have Windows 2000 instead, use this feature to package your files to a folder, and burn the folder to a CD using a third-party CD-burning program.
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