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SharePoint slide libraries I: Set up a library for your team

Other benefits of using slide library

Here are some other benefits of creating a slide library:

  • Slides are easy to publish and copy    Whether you're working with the library as your starting point, in the browser, or from PowerPoint 2007, you have the same tools for publishing new slides to the library and for editing slides in the library. (You'll get more details about this later in this lesson and in the second course in this series.)
  • There are many ways to search    When slides are published to a library, each becomes a file all by itself. You can search for it in a variety of ways — for example, by a slide description, a file name, the name of the presentation it came from, or who last modified it. A team can customize how slides are organized and described in the library in a way that's effective for them.
  • The latest slide content is stored    The library serves as the sole location for the original of a slide. All revisions to the slide's content are made to the one in the library. So, team members can go to the library to copy the latest version of the slide. Members of the site can also control who has permission to change a slide's content.
  • You get notified of updates to slide content    Anytime a person copies a slide from the library, he or she can request to be notified if the slide's content changes. PowerPoint 2007 checks for updates in a presentation in which slides have been copied from a library. You'll be notified and given a process for comparing the library slide with the version in your presentation, so you can get the latest slide if you want it.

So, how do you set up the library?

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