Orienting new employees

New-employee orientations should not only provide new hires with benefits and payroll information, but they should also convey the essential information that they need to succeed on the job. As a human resources manager, you are responsible for ensuring that new employees in your organization receive an effective orientation that helps them contribute quickly in their new roles.

It's important that orientations inform new employees about what is expected from them. The orientation should also describe the company's mission, long-term goals, and culture. Employees also benefit from learning routine information, such as the layout of the office. Finally, orientations need to introduce new employees to their specific job roles.

When developing new-employee orientations, you can use Microsoft Office System tools to make your job easier. From the employee information template for Microsoft Office Word 2003 to the presentation template for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003, these tools can help you plan and deliver successful orientations.

Use the following information and tools to create orientations that equip employees for success.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003, PowerPoint 2003