Managing project milestones

Project milestones are critical points that you monitor throughout the life cycle of a project. Milestones highlight important interim events, such as the completion of a phase, a delivery of materials, and a payment for work performed.

In Microsoft Office Project, milestones are tasks with zero duration, meaning that they do not affect your completion dates. In the information that follows, project manager Bonnie Biafore shows you how to use milestones in Project to track all kinds of events, including decisions, progress, deliveries, and deadlines. If your milestone is dependent on dates, you can learn how to set hard and soft date constraints on it — and learn how to manage the effect that each constraint has on your critical task dependencies.

It's often necessary to summarize or report on project milestones while your project is under way. The Milestone summary report template for Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 gives you an easy way to report milestones in your meetings with customers, stakeholders, and team members. Using views and overview reports in Project are also great ways for you to display and summarize project information.

Effectively managing milestones is a critical project task. Make it easier with the help of the following tools and resources.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003, Project 2003