Join a broadcasted slide show

To participate in a broadcasted slide show, you do not need PowerPoint! However, you must have a browser, which can include (but is not limited to):

•   Windows Internet Explorer 7 or later

•   Firefox 3.5 or later for Windows, Mac, or Linux

•   Safari 4 or later for the Macintosh

•   Google Chrome

You may view the broadcast on most any device – a PC laptop, PC desktop, iPad, or any mobile phone that has a web browser. And if your phone supports simultaneous voice and data connections, you can watch the broadcast in a browser, and listen to the presenter deliver the presentation over the phone. Some examples of mobile devices that you can use (but are not limited to) are a Windows 7 phone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 4.

What to expect before, during, and after the broadcasted slide show

Send the broadcast URL Prior to the broadcast slide show, you will receive a URL from the presenter through e-mail, Internet Messenger (IM), or other channel. You will then click the link and connect to the slide show in a Web browser. Until the presentation begins, you will see a message telling you that the slide show has not yet started.

When the presentation begins, all attendees will see the slide show presentation in their local browser in real-time, as it is presented. When the presenter ends the broadcast, all attendees will see a message telling them that the broadcast is over.

If a broadcasted slide show contains hyperlinks, you can click and follow those hyperlinks from your remote screen.

You won’t be able to view videos in broadcasted presentations. However, the presenter can post a video on a web site like YouTube, and then add a hyperlink to the video from your presentation.

Ideas for using broadcast slide show in common situations

  • If you’re viewing a remote broadcast in a conference room with others, connect to a projector and click View Full Screen. Everyone can experience the presentation just as if the presenter was in the same room.
  • It’s your turn to present, and someone else’s computer is attached to the projector. Start a broadcast, send them the link to display, and control the presentation from your PC.
  • Don’t have a projector or large display in your conference room? Start a broadcast and everyone can follow along on their laptops.

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