Gridlines in a Microsoft Word table don't appear in my printed PowerPoint document

Applies to
Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003


When you print a PowerPoint document that includes an embedded (embedded object: Information (object) contained in a source file and inserted into a destination file. Once embedded, the object becomes part of the destination file. Changes you make to the embedded object are reflected in the destination file.) Microsoft Word table, the gridlines of the table — the vertical and horizontal lines that separate the individual rows and columns — are missing from the printed copy.


Gridlines in Microsoft Word tables appear only onscreen, and not in print.


To print vertical and horizontal lines between the cells of a Word table, you must apply borders (border: The visible line around the edge of an object. For example, the four lines of a rectangle that comprise its border.) to the table.

The easiest way to do this is to automatically apply predefined combinations of borders and shading by using the Table AutoFormat command on the Table menu in Word. Alternatively, you can design your own combinations by using the options in the Borders and Shading dialog box (click Borders and Shading on the Word Format menu).

You can also create a table directly in Microsoft PowerPoint by clicking Insert Table Button image.

 Note   When you create a table directly in PowerPoint, the gridlines that appear on the screen also appear in printed versions, even when no borders are applied.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003