Get slide miniature view in PowerPoint

Applies to
Microsoft Office PowerPoint® 2003
Microsoft PowerPoint® 2002

In PowerPoint, slide miniature view does not appear by default, but you can add a menu item or toolbar button for activating it. The view shows a small version of the current slide within the slide pane.

Normal view with the Outline tab displayed and a slide miniature in the upper right corner.

1 Slide miniature view

2 Slide pane, zoomed in (150%)

Slide miniature view is useful if you are working on the Outline tab (instead of the Slides tab, where thumbnails are visible) or with only the slide pane displayed. You can zoom in the slide in the slide pane or view it in grayscale, while the slide miniature stays the same, providing a view of the entire, formatted slide.

To create a button or command for the view, do the following:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Customize, and then click the Commands tab.
  2. In the Categories list, click View.
  3. From the Commands list, drag the Slide Miniature button to the menu or toolbar you want to add it to (a menu displays when you point to its name on the menu bar). A plus sign appears on the pointer, and a black line indicates where the command will be placed.
  4. Click Close.
  5. Click the button or command to activate slide miniature view.

 Note   In many ways, the slide thumbnails that appear on the Slides tab in PowerPoint serve the function of the original slide miniature view. You can use them to keep in view a full, miniature version of the slide and to view slide transitions and animation effects.

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Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003