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With calendar templates, you can find a calendar in the format you want, and you can add photographs and important dates like birthdays to make it really personal.

Here are a few examples of calendars you can find in the Templates gallery:

Calendar created in Word    

Monthly Photo Calendar (Word)               

Yearly Photo Calendar Template (Excel) .

Yearly Photo Calendar (Excel)

Family calendar with pictures

Family Calendar Template (PowerPoint)

 Tip    Most all calendars on the Templates site can be easily updated to reflect any year that you want. Instructions to change calendar years are provided in the notes section of the calendar templates.

Not finding the perfect calendar?

Maybe you want a certain type of calendar?    Such as student calendar, an Advent calendar, a small business calendar, or another type?

In the Templates gallery on, in the Search box, enter the type of calendar that you want, and then press Enter.

Search Results for Small Business Calendars

Applies to:
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