Developing an employee recognition program

Employees today want more from their work than just compensation. To motivate employees and retain your top performers, it's important to provide employees with the rewards that they value from their work. Recognizing and rewarding employee achievement is key to showing your employees that they and their contributions are valued. And employee recognition is good for your bottom line because satisfied employees are typically more productive and more loyal.

Even if your organization is not able to reward employees with higher salaries or job promotions, you can offer high achievers work opportunities that they value, including opportunities for leadership, autonomy, and personal growth. Employees also appreciate recognition, so you can offer monthly and yearly awards for exemplary employees.

To ensure that your organization recognizes high-achieving employees in an effective and consistent way, provide managers with tools and guidelines that they can use to honor their valuable staff members. By customizing Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 and Microsoft Office Word 2003 templates, you can ensure that the awards and gift certificates that are presented to employees across your organization have a consistent look.

The following tools and information can help your organization recognize employees in ways that increase their satisfaction and productivity.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003, Word 2003