Create a vacation keepsake using your photographs

Joy E. Miller

By Joy E. Miller

My family and I just returned from an active, yet relaxing trip to the Hawaiian islands. I took some great photographs while we were sunning and snorkeling! I've placed the photographs in an attractive photo album slide show that I can share with my friends and extended family.

Using Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007, you can create your own photo album slide show, or you can download a free photo album or travel-related template from the main Office Online Templates page and customize it to meet your needs. To find photo album or travel-related templates, see the Photo albums templates or the Travel templates pages.

You might be wondering how using PowerPoint to share your photographs is better than posting them to a photo sharing Web site. Mostly, it is better because you have more control over the creation, the look, and the distribution of your photo album. Creating a photo album using PowerPoint is a great way to catalog your photographs. They become an electronic keepsake that you can save and review any time! You can share your photographs with your family and friends by e-mailing the slide show to them, by copying it to a CD for distribution, or if you have a Web site, you can publish it there, and then point your viewers to the site.

Check out the demo below to see how you can use pre-built templates on Office Online to get a jump start on your next presentation or photo album.


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Photo album slide show

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Joy Miller has worked as technical writer for Microsoft for about 10 years. In her earlier years at Microsoft, Joy wrote technical content for IT Professionals in Windows on topics such as Active Directory, Software Distribution, and Group Policy. She decided 7 years ago that it would be much more fun to connect with the actual end users of Office products. She has worked on products such as Word, FrontPage, Windows SharePoint Services, and PowerPoint.

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