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By Joyce Cox and Joan Preppernau

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Creating a photo album in Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 from pictures on your hard disk or other storage media is a great way to share photographs or other illustrations. You can customize the album by using layout options such as frames of different shapes, and you can add captions to each picture.

This article shows how you can create a photo album in PowerPoint 2007 in just six quick steps. The example used in this article assumes you are creating a photo album with two slides: a title slide and a slide that displays four pictures of items being offered for sale.

Step 1 – start a photo album

On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click the Photo Album button.

The Photo Album dialog box opens.

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Step 2 – insert pictures

Click the File/Disk button. In the Insert New Pictures dialog box, navigate to the folder on your hard disk containing the photos you want to include in the album. Select four images, and then click Insert.

In the Photo Album dialog box, the Pictures In Album list includes the four graphics you selected. You can select each picture in turn to view it. You can change the order in which the pictures will appear in the album by clicking the picture you want to move and then clicking the Move Up or Move Down button. You can also adjust the rotation, contrast, and brightness of each picture.

Photo Album dialog box

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Step 3 – create the album layout

Under Album Layout, click the Picture layout arrow, and then in the list, click 4 pictures with title.

Click the Frame shape arrow, and in the list, click Rounded Rectangle. Then click Create.

PowerPoint creates a presentation called Photo Album that contains a title slide and a slide containing the four pictures.

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Step 4 – create titles and subtitles

On Slide 1, select the words Photo Album, and then type the title you want for your album. In our example, we titled our album “Favorite Things”. Then give your album a subtitle (by followed by your user name). We selected the subtitle “Unique Gifts.”

Display Slide 2, click the title placeholder, and then type the title for this slide. The title for our second slide is “Something She Will Treasure.”

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Step 5 – format pictures

In turn, select each picture, and on the Format contextual tab, click the Size Dialog Box Launcher, and on the Size tab of the Size and Position dialog box, clear the Lock aspect ratio check box, set the Height and Width to the desired size, and then click Close. In our example we selected a Height of 2.5" and a Width of 3.3".

Adjust the positions of the pictures as necessary.

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Step 6 – edit the photo album

On the Insert tab, in the Illustrations group, click the Photo Album arrow, and then click Edit Photo Album.

In the Edit Photo Album dialog box, under Picture Options, select the Captions below ALL pictures check box, and then click Update.

Replace the file names below each photograph with suitable captions, and then click a blank area of the slide.

On the Design tab, in the Themes group, display the Themes gallery, and select a theme that showcases the pictures. We chose the Paper theme.

Photo album screen shot

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