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Create your own template

Changing font on slide master

To change the font for the first level of body text:
Callout 1 Click the text paragraph whose font you want to change, and open the Font dialog box (Format menu, Font command).
Callout 2 Select a different font.

The slide master displays all the fonts and font styles in use, including the title text and five levels of body text. "Font" refers to the typeface design, such as Times New Roman or Arial. "Font style" refers to formatting, such as bold, italic, and small caps. You can also change the font size and add color and effects, such as shadowing or embossing.

The picture shows the steps for changing the font and font style by using the options in the Font dialog box. You can select a paragraph of text to change by clicking that paragraph. Or, click the placeholder border (the dashed box that holds the text) to select the placeholder, in which case your font changes apply to all text in the placeholder. (More on placeholders in the next section.)

About choosing fonts    Avoid using a font that might not be available on the computer where your template will be used. A safe way to go when you choose a font for your template is to use one that is included with Microsoft Office 2003. Examples are Arial, Book Antiqua, Century Gothic, Comic Sans MS, Garamond, Tahoma, Times New Roman, and Verdana. (These are also included with Microsoft Office 2002).

There's more about fonts in the Quick Reference Card.

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