Change the font

You can change the type of font you are using for text on specific slides, or you can apply different fonts throughout a whole presentation.

Do one of the following:

ShowChange the font on a slide

  1. Select the text or the placeholder (placeholders: Boxes with dotted or hatch-marked borders that are part of most slide layouts. These boxes hold title and body text or objects such as charts, tables, and pictures.) containing the text you want to change.


  • To change the font for a single paragraph or a phrase, drag to select the text.
  • To change the font for all the text in a placeholder, either drag to select all the text, or select the placeholder containing the text. To select the placeholder, first click the text. The placeholder border becomes hatchmarked. Point to the border and click. The border changes to a thick, dotted border, and it's now selected.
  1. On the Formatting toolbar, click a font name in the Font box Button image.


You can also use the Font dialog box, on the Format menu, to change the font for text. Additionally, in this dialog box, you can apply other types of formatting, such as type size, bold or italic type, and text color.

ShowUse the slide master to change the font throughout the presentation

If you're using one slide master (slide master: The main slide that stores information about the theme and layouts of a presentation, including the background, color, fonts, effects, placeholder sizes, and positions.), you can change a font style on the master and the change is reflected throughout the presentation. If you are using multiple slide masters (such as when you have applied more than one design template (design template: A file that contains the styles in a presentation, including the type and size of bullets and fonts; placeholder sizes and positions; background design and fill color schemes; and a slide master and optional title master.) to your presentation), you must change the font style on each master.

  1. On the View menu, point to Master, and then click Slide Master.

In master view, thumbnails of each slide master (in pairs that include a title master (title master: The slide that stores information from the design template pertaining to styles on title slides, including placeholder sizes and positions, background design, and color schemes.) for each) appear to the left of the Slides tab.

  1. If you are using multiple masters, select the slide master thumbnail or title master thumbnail whose font style you want to change.
  2. On the slide, click the title text or the level of body text to which you want to apply a new font style.

(Remember, on the master, you are only changing the font, not the text.)

  1. On the Formatting toolbar, click a font name in the Font box Button image.
  2. Repeat these steps for any other text whose font you want to change.
  3. To return to editing your slides, click Close Master View on the Slide Master View toolbar.
Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003