Change the background color of a picture in PowerPoint

You can change the background color of a Clip Gallery picture that you've inserted into a Microsoft PowerPoint® presentation so that the picture goes well with your presentation's colors. You can also change other colors in the picture.

 Important   Certain types of pictures can be edited in PowerPoint while others cannot. The drawing-type pictures in Clip Gallery are Windows Metafiles (.wmf files), and you can change colors in these pictures after you've inserted them into PowerPoint. However, file types such as .bmp (bitmap), .jpg, .gif, and .png require that you use an image-editing program, such as Microsoft PhotoDraw, to change their colors.

Change the background color of a picture
  1. Select the Clip Gallery picture that you have inserted and want to modify.
  2. If the Picture toolbar is not displayed automatically, point to Toolbars on the View menu, and then click Picture.
  3. On the Picture toolbar, click Recolor Picture.
  4. In the Recolor Picture dialog box, in the Change area, click Fills.
    The background and fill colors in your picture are displayed in the Original column.
    If the color you want to change doesn't appear in the column of original colors (scroll to see all of them), try selecting Colors in the Change area to see every color that is used in the selected picture.
  5. Select the check box for the color you want to change.
  6. In the New column, click the arrow in the corresponding color box.
    PowerPoint displays the eight colors in your current color scheme.
  7. Click the color you want to change your background to. If you want a color that isn't part of the current scheme, click More Colors, and select a color.
    The new color is applied to the background of your picture.


  • Video adapters can affect the way your edited picture is displayed. If you change a color in the Recolor dialog box but don't see the change applied to the picture in your slide, switch to a different slide, and then display the slide with the changed picture again. You should see the new color applied to the picture.
  • If you click More Colors and select a color that wasn't part of your color scheme, that color is added to the color scheme menu.