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Org charts A to Z

Charts showing horizontal and vertical branching

Callout 1 All levels in this chart have a Standard branching, which is more horizontal and emphasizes the org's levels.
Callout 2 The bottom branches of this chart use Left Hanging and Right Hanging layouts, which add variety, work better in the space, and emphasize individual reporting groups rather than reporting levels.

A strictly "horizontal" type of chart structure tends to emphasize levels in the org in clear rows; a drawback is that you might quickly run out of room, left to right.

If you'd like variety and need to optimize space, make some levels of the org stack vertically.

To do this, you click the position above the shapes you want to rebranch, then go to the Layout menu on the Org Chart toolbar. Choose an option there, such as Left Hanging or Right Hanging. The rebranching will affect just the selected group.

The default structure is Standard, which applies the horizontal structure.

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