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Organization Chart Style Gallery

Org chart style gallery.
Callout 1 The Autoformat button opens up the gallery of chart styles.
Callout 2 A sample of a style available in the gallery.

To do a "color treatment" and design the shapes in the chart, be as quick or as fussy as you want.

  • Quick way: Use the Style Gallery.
  • Fussy way (and perhaps more fun): Do all the designing yourself—with the help of the current slide's color scheme.

Style gallery

A gallery style outfits your chart fully, color-coding it by levels in the org, and designing the shapes with bevels, brackets, outlines, gradient fills, and the like. The gallery styles are a group of templates you choose from and apply (see the picture on the left).

Can you customize a style once you've applied it? You can change the font formatting, but you can't change fill color or line styles. Also note: Any new shapes you add will get the color coding of the style (for example, if Assistants are pink, all new Assistants will be pink). That can be a plus, if that's what you want. If you want more control, it's a minus.

To open the Style Gallery, click the AutoFormat button The Autoformat button on the Org Chart toolbar on the Org Chart toolbar.

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