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Animations II: Motion paths

Applying preset and custom paths. The animation shows first how to apply a preset path, then how to apply a custom path. (Click the Play button to see the first part of the animation, and Next when the animation pauses between parts.)

To apply a motion path effect, you select the item (text box, picture, shape) on the slide, then add the effect from the menu on the Add Effect button Button image in the Custom Animation task pane.

The animation on the left illustrates the process for applying first a preset path and then a custom path. Notice that the different types of paths appear in different places on the Motion Paths submenu:

  • Preset paths (default and recently used) are at the top of the submenu; for the full gallery, click More Motion Paths.
  • Custom path types appear when you point to Draw Custom Path, near the bottom of the menu; click a type from that submenu (Line, Curve, Freeform, or Scribble) and draw it.

Note     The Quick Reference Card at the end of this course has details about drawing methods for each type.

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