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Discover the power of custom layouts

Animation showing placeholders being added, moved, and aligned.

Now it's time to build your custom layout. Click Play to see how to add, move, and align placeholders for your tropical vacation slides.

First, you'll insert a picture placeholder to hold a tantalizing vacation photo. Click Picture in the Insert Placeholder gallery, and then drag to make it the size that you want. To make room for the other placeholders, move the placeholder to the upper left by clicking its border and, when the pointer becomes a four-headed arrow Four-headed arrow, dragging the placeholder.

Next, you'll insert a text placeholder to hold the price of the tours. For a cleaner look, you might want to select the five text styles and replace them with your own custom prompt text, such as Add tour price.

After you add these placeholders to the layout, you can select and then align them. Under Drawing Tools, on the Format tab, in the Arrange group, point to Align, and then click Align Left. Since this aligns the placeholder at the left edge of the slide, to make the layout look better, you can move the placeholders a smidge to the right, using the ruler at the top as a guide.

Finally, you'll insert a second text placeholder and a table placeholder underneath it for the beginning and ending dates of the tour, and then align both placeholders to the right. You'll add and arrange placeholders later in the practice.

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