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Discover the power of custom layouts

Custom layout with picture logo

Callout 1 Click Picture, locate the logo file, and then click Insert.

If you want the company logo to appear on the tropical vacation slides that use your layout, you'll add it to the custom layout. Since you'll use the same logo, actually a picture file, on all of your tropical vacation slides, you don't want to use a picture placeholder. In Slide Master view, placeholders can contain only custom prompt text. Picture placeholders work well when you want to frequently change pictures, such as for the different tropical destinations, without having to rearrange things on the slide, but they are not necessary if you are adding the same picture to some or all of your slides.

Caution     Pictures, particularly high-resolution photographs, can quickly inflate the file size of your presentation, so you'll want to optimize your pictures to make them as small as possible. Find out more in the Quick Reference Card at the end of this course.

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