About using ink in PowerPoint

If you are using a Tablet PC (Tablet PC: A computer that runs Microsoft Windows XP Tablet PC Edition. With a Tablet PC, you can write directly on the screen by using a tablet pen and use the pen to perform mouse functions. Also known as a tablet computer.), you can add ink to your Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 slides with a tablet pen (tablet pen: The pen that comes with a Tablet PC and is used to interact with the tablet screen.). You can add ink while you are delivering a presentation or while you are editing your slides.

ShowUsing ink annotations during presentations

One use of ink in PowerPoint 2003 is to take notes with a mouse or tablet pen that are viewable by the audience during a presentation. You can make comments or answer questions that are asked during the presentation by adding them directly to the slides. Because you can add handwritten notes in PowerPoint 2003, you don't have to switch to another program, use a keyboard, or take notes on paper. The ink you add is immediately visible to the audience. You can use ink to emphasize portions of the presentation by highlighting or circling relevant text and graphics on the slides.

You can keep the ink that you add during a presentation. This allows you to reference handwritten notes so that you can edit or update your slides for future presentations. You also have the option of turning on or off ink annotations.

ShowUsing ink while creating or editing presentations

You must be using PowerPoint 2003 with a Tablet PC to create or edit handwritten slides.

When you are creating or reviewing slides, you can add ink drawing and writing to emphasize certain portions of a slide during a presentation. Additionally, you can use handwriting or hand-drawn pictures to quickly design the overall layout of the information you want to convey on the slide. For example, you can draw a chart graphic that will be replaced with a Microsoft Excel chart when you finalize your slide. You might also send the slides to other people using a Tablet PC to add their review comments in ink.

Ink drawing and writing is viewable at all times, and you cannot edit the ink in Slide Show view unless you use ink annotations.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003