About the title master

Use the title master (title master: The slide that stores information from the design template pertaining to styles on title slides, including placeholder sizes and positions, background design, and color schemes.) to make changes to slides in your presentation that use a Title Slide layout (layout: The arrangement of elements, such as title and subtitle text, lists, pictures, tables, charts, AutoShapes, and movies, on a slide.). The Title Slide layout is available in the Slide Layout task pane (task pane: A window within an Office program that provides commonly used commands. Its location and small size allow you to use these commands while still working on your files.) and is the first layout shown.

Title Slide layout in Slide Design task pane

Callout 1 Title Slide layout

A Title Slide layout contains placeholders (placeholders: Boxes with dotted borders that are part of most slide layouts. These boxes hold title and body text or objects such as charts, tables, and pictures.) for a title, subtitle, and headers and footers. You could use a title layout several times in a presentation to lead off new sections, and you might want to give these slides a slightly different look than the rest of your slides — by adding art, changing a font style, changing the background color, or the like. You can change the title master and see the change on all the title slides.

To see the title master, display master view. You can change the title master just as you would change any slide.

Title master showing styles for text, placeholders, and background color and design

Callout 1 In master view, click the title master thumbnail on the left to display it.

Callout 2 You can change font styles for title, subtitle, and footer text such as slide number and date.

Callout 3 Placeholder positions, formatting, and size can be changed.

Callout 4 Add art or change the background or color scheme (color scheme: A set of eight balanced colors that you can apply to slides, notes pages, or audience handouts. A color scheme consists of a background color, a color for lines and text, and six other colors selected to make slides easy to read.) just for title slides.

If, in master view, you don't see a title master, you can insert it from the Slide Master View toolbar.

By default, the title master inherits some styles, such as font type and size, from the slide master (slide master: The main slide that stores information about the theme and layouts of a presentation, including the background, color, fonts, effects, placeholder sizes, and positions.). However, if you make changes directly to the title master, those changes are always preserved and will not be changed or affected by changes to the slide master.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003