About removing personal information from presentations

Before you give others a copy of the document, it is a good idea to review personal and hidden information, and decide whether it is appropriate to include. You may want to remove some information from the document and from the document file properties before you share the document with others.

Where is personal or hidden information stored?

File properties     These properties include Author, Manager, Company, and Last Saved By.

Other hidden information      For example, hidden, revised text, comments, or field code can remain in a document even though you don't see it or expect it to be in the final version. If you entered personal information such as your name or e-mail address when you registered your software, some Microsoft Office documents store that information as part of the document.

Information contained in custom fields that you add to the document, such as an 'author' or 'owner' field, is not automatically removed. You must edit or remove the custom field to remove that information.

You can remove the following personal information from your presentation:

  • File properties     Author, Manager, Company, and Last saved by.
  • Reviewer names associated with comments or changes     Names are changed to "Author."
  • E-mail message header     The e-mail message header that is generated with the E-mail (as Attachment) Button image button is removed.
Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003