About inserting text into your presentation

You can insert text created in other programs into the Outline tab and get automatic formatting into titles and body text. Documents in Microsoft Word (.doc) format, Rich Text Format (.rtf), (rich text format (RTF): A file type used to transfer formatted text documents between applications, even those that run on different platforms, such as IBM and Macintosh.) and plain text (.txt) can be used this way. A document in HTML (HTML: The standard markup language used for documents on the World Wide Web. HTML uses tags to indicate how Web browsers should display page elements such as text and graphics and how to respond to user actions.) format can be inserted into your presentation, retaining its heading structure and appearing within a text box.

Rather than copying and pasting, you can use menu commands in Microsoft PowerPoint to insert text or base a presentation on another document's outline.

Text in Word or rich-text format

When you insert a Word or Rich Text Format document, PowerPoint creates an outline structure based on heading styles in the document. A Heading 1 in your source document becomes a slide title in PowerPoint, a Heading 2 becomes the first level of body text on the slide, a Heading 3 the second level of text on the slide, and so on. If the original document contains no heading styles, PowerPoint creates an outline based on paragraphs. For example, in a .doc or .rtf file, for several lines of text styled as Normal and broken by paragraphs, PowerPoint turns each paragraph into a slide title.

You can insert text from a Word document while you're working in PowerPoint; or from Word, you can create an outline and "send it" to PowerPoint to start a new presentation based on it.

Text in HTML

When you insert an HTML outline into your presentation, you retain the original heading structure; however, all the text from the file appears within a text box on the slide. You can edit this on the slide but not on the Outline tab. To create several slides based on .htm files, insert a file for each slide you want the text on.

When you send an outline file, in .htm format, from Word to PowerPoint, the headings and subheadings are retained and the outline is structured in the same way as a .doc or .rtf file.

Plain text

When you insert text from a plain text document, tabs at the beginning of paragraphs define the outline structure. So, text with no tab becomes a slide title; text with one tab indent becomes first-level body text on your slide; text with two indents becomes second-level body text, and so on. Since plain text is not styled, the text you insert inherits the styles of your current presentation.

Applies to:
PowerPoint 2003