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File or archive your email messages

Shortcut menu when folder is right-clicked, top of Folder Properties dialog box

Use the Properties dialog box to specify different archiving for different folders.
Callout 1 Right-click the folder.
Callout 2 Click Properties on the shortcut menu.
Callout 3 In the Properties dialog box for the folder, click the AutoArchive tab and specify archive settings. (In this case, the folder name is "For Action" so the dialog box is called For Action Properties.)

You don't have to do anything, but if you'd rather customize your archiving, Outlook makes it easy to take control. You can archive different folders at different rates—or not at all. Or you can empty specified folders without archiving their contents.

Note    Be aware that AutoArchive works with more than e-mail. You may want to customize AutoArchive to store items from the Calendar or Tasks. You can set this to happen at the same time as when you archive your e-mail messages, or you can choose to have it happen more or less often than for your e-mail.

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