Using Outlook 2010 with or without Word 2010 installed

Many Microsoft Word 2010 features and commands are fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook 2010 to make a comprehensive email message editor. The Word-based email editor built into Outlook 2010 does not require that Word 2010 be installed. However, additional features and commands are available when you install Word 2010 with Outlook 2010. In the following table, you can compare the features and commands that are available with or without Word 2010 installed.

Feature comparison: Outlook 2010 with and without Word 2010 installed

Feature Without Word 2010 installed With Word 2010 installed
Message thread shading in open messages and the Reading Pane Yes Yes
Panning through messages on Tablet PCs Yes Yes
Search results highlighting for Instant Search Yes Yes
New and improved fonts Yes Yes
Smart tag recognition Yes Yes
New Save as options Yes Yes
Quick Styles gallery Yes Yes
Themes No* Yes
Automatic formatting of bulleted and numbered lists No* Yes
Automatic formatting of tables No* Yes
Proofing tools such as the dictionary and thesaurus. No* Yes
SmartArt graphics drawing, charting, and diagramming tools No* Yes
Captions No* Yes
Equation Builder No* Yes
WordArt No*


* These additional features and commands are only available when:

  • You installed a Microsoft Office suite that contains both Word and Outlook, such as Microsoft Office Home and Business 2010.
  • You installed Outlook 2010 standalone and you installed the standard MSI installation of Office Home and Student 2010.

For more information about these features and the reason why you may not be able to use them, read this Microsoft knowledge base article: 2509316 – Outlook features disabled when installed with Home and Student

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