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Two views of Personal Folders: one shows both folders with the same name, "Personal Folders" the other shows folders with unique names

Callout 1 When you have two folders both called "Personal Folders," it's hard to distinguish one from another.
Callout 2 You can give these folders names of your choosing, to more easily tell them apart.

By default, whenever you create a new Personal Folders file, the default top-level folder name is Personal Folders. This means you could easily end up with several folders all named "Personal Folders," which would make them hard to distinguish.

How can you tell them apart? When you create a Personal Folders file, use unique names for both the file name and the folder name. And, make the names correspond. For example, you might have a file name of CompProj05.pst and a folder name of Completed Projects '05.

If you're working with files that have been named already, don't worry: You can change each folder name from Personal Folders to something more meaningful. We'll show you how to do this in the practice session that's coming up.

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