Use Search Folders in the Favorite Folders pane

Applies to
Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003

You can modify the Favorite Folders pane to meet your specific needs by using Search Folders (Search Folders: Virtual folders that contain views of all e-mail items matching specific search criteria. The items remain stored in one or more Outlook folders.). With Search Folders, you decide on the search criteria that Outlook applies to specific messages. The messages that Outlook finds based on your criteria will automatically be stored in the Search Folder, organized the way that you want them. You can set up Outlook to automatically sort messages by sender, priority, Subject line, and more.


Keep essential folders right where you can easily see them and be reminded of important tasks and events. Moving folders to the Favorite Folders pane can be as easy as dragging folders to their new, more visible position.

For example, one great way to keep track of important messages requiring action is to move the For Follow Up Search Folder to the Favorite Folders pane. You will be able to refer easily to the messages still needing your attention. The For Follow Up Search Folder is one of the default Search Folders, but you can also create your own. Learn more about creating a Search Folder.

 Note   When you delete messages from folders in the Favorite Folders pane, they are deleted from your mailbox. However, if you remove a folder from the Favorite Folders pane, the folder will still remain in its original location in the Mail pane.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003