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Audio course: So that’s how! Great Outlook features to organize your Inbox

Search Folders

Search Folders appear along with the rest of your mail folders in the Navigation Pane.

But what if a message doesn't fit neatly into one group, and, therefore, won't fit tidily into one single folder? What if you want to put that message into two folders (or more)? Not a problem. In Outlook, it is possible for a message to be in two or more places at once (and there's no copying, pasting, or moving required). How would a message do this? The answer is Search Folders.

A Search Folder is a virtual folder that lets you see a particular group of messages, without having to physically move or copy them anywhere. Outlook creates three Search Folders by default:

  • Large Mail
  • Unread Mail
  • For Follow Up

Tip     Remember the flags we talked about in the last lesson? This folder allows you to quickly see all of the messages you have flagged for follow up. When you use flags, this folder becomes your virtual "To Do" list.

You can also create your own Search Folders. We'll show you how in the practice session that's coming up.

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