Turn the Reading Pane on and off

When you click messages in the message list (message list: The list of messages within a mail folder. Information appears about each message such as the sender, date, subject, and whether attachments are included.), a preview of the message and some file attachments, such as Microsoft Office documents, appear in the Reading Pane (Reading Pane: A window in Outlook where you can preview an item without opening it. To display the item in the Reading Pane, click the item.).

Reading Pane in Outlook

  • To turn off the Reading Pane, click View > Reading Pane > Off.

Reading Pane off command on the ribbon

This closes the Reading Pane only for the folder you’re in. To change other mail folders, in the Folder Pane (Folder Pane: The column on the left side of the Outlook window that contains folders for each view, such as Mail or Calendar. Click a folder to show the items in the folder. Formerly the Navigation Pane in earlier releases.), click the folder, and then repeat the previous steps.

If you later want to turn on the Reading Pane, click View > Reading Pane, and then Right or Bottom.

Applies to:
Outlook 2013