Turn on or off the Reading Pane

Preview items without opening them by using the Reading Pane (Reading Pane: A window in Outlook where you can preview an item without opening it. To display the item in the Reading Pane, click the item.) — just click the item to display its contents. In the Reading Pane, you can view or open attachments, follow a hyperlink, use voting buttons, view the follow-up information in the InfoBar (InfoBar: Banner near the top of an open e-mail message, appointment, contact, or task. Tells you if a message has been replied to or forwarded, along with the online status of a contact who is using Instant Messaging, and so on.), and respond to meeting requests .

Security   Messages viewed in the in the Reading Pane are safe. Potentially malicious scripts or attachments are not activated or opened automatically in the Reading Pane. Although Outlook blocks most malicious attachment types, messages and attachments from unknown or unsolicited senders should always be opened with caution.

On the View tab, in the Layout group, click Reading Pane, and then click Right, Bottom, or Off.

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Applies to:
Outlook 2010