Troubleshoot mail merge

This article includes some basic troubleshooting information for mail merges whether you are stating the process from within Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word.

Starting from within Outlook

Which address field should I use?

When you insert fields in Microsoft Word, there are several address fields available. If you didn’t specify an address type when you created the contact, the default settings for the contact address field type are Mailing_Address and all the Business fields. If you want to insert the entire address as one field, use Mailing_Address. This field is formatted according to the country/region of the address, so you will have the addresses correctly formatted for all contacts, even if the contacts are from different countries/regions.

If you want to separate each part of the address, use Business_Address_Street, Business_Address_City, and so on.

My personal distribution lists don’t work in a mail merge.

Mail Merge cannot read addresses in personal distribution lists. You will need to save any contacts in a personal distribution list to the contacts folder.

Journal didn’t record my mail merge.

Journal does not record mail merges to specific contacts.

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Starting from within Word

The field I want to merge doesn't appear in Word.

If you want to use a custom field in the mail merge, you cannot use the Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder or an exported file as a data source for a mail merge from within Microsoft Word. Instead, in Outlook, create a view that contains the fields that you want, and then on the Tools menu, click Mail Merge. Combination and formula custom fields will not be merged.

Why don't all of my Outlook contacts appear in Word?

You can only specify contacts from one contacts folder at a time. If you export contacts, you can only export contacts from one contacts folder at a time.

To use all of your contacts, either perform a mail merge separately for each contacts folder, or copy your contacts into one contacts folder.

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Applies to:
Outlook 2003