Tips for working efficiently with e-mail in Outlook

Applies to
Microsoft Outlook® 2002

If it is getting more and more difficult to connect with busy patients because of your own busy schedule, communication via e-mail might be the way to go. Here are a number of tips and articles that can help you maximize your productivity and get important information to your patients. And this is just a brief introduction to the ways you might use e-mail in your practice. For more in-depth information, see Help in Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003.

Customizing how your Inbox works

There are several ways to customize the Outlook Inbox so that you can quickly see what you need and respond to it:

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Managing e-mail

You can create a rule for every patient so that when e-mail comes in from a patient, it will automatically go into the correct folder. This will help you keep your Inbox organized and less overwhelming. You can also download e-mail to your mobile device so that you can read it whenever you want. You can even sort your Inbox easily when you are looking for specific e-mail from someone. Outlook offers many options:

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