Send contact information as a business card

Applies to
Microsoft Office Outlook® 2003

The easiest way to send your contact information is by using a vCard, the Internet standard for creating and sharing virtual business cards. vCards are sent as attachments.

ShowMake a vCard from your own contact information

  1. In Contacts, open your contact card.
  2. On the File menu, click Export to vCard file.
  3. Type a name in the File name box, specify a location, such as My Documents, and then click Save.

This creates the vCard (.vcf) file.

ShowSend a vCard with your signature

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Format tab.
  2. Click Signatures.
  3. Do one of the following:

ShowAdd a vCard to an existing e-mail signature

  1. In the Signature list, select a signature, and then click Edit.
  2. Under vCard options, select a vCard from the list, and then click OK.

ShowAdd a vCard to a new e-mail signature

  1. Click New.
  2. In the Enter a name for your new signature box, type a name.
  3. Under Choose how to create your signature, select the option you want.
  4. Click Next.
  5. In the Signature text box, type the text you want to include in the signature.

You can also paste text into this box from another document.

  1. To change the paragraph or font format, select the text, click Font or Paragraph, and then select the options you want. These options are not available if you use plain text as your message format.
  2. Under vCard options, select a vCard from the list, and then click Finish.

ShowAttach a vCard to a message and send it

  1. On the File menu, click New, and then click Mail Message.
  2. On the Insert menu, click File, and locate the vCard (.vcf) file that you need.
  3. Click the file name and then click Insert. The vCard file is inserted into the message as an attachment.
  4. Address your message and then click Send.

ShowSend a vCard from within Contacts

  • In Contacts, click the contact you want to send as a vCard, and then on the Actions menu, click Forward as vCard.

If the Forward as vCard command is not available, click Forward.

ShowOpen and save a vCard you receive

  1. Open the message you received.
  2. Double-click the attachment to open it.
  3. In the open contact, click Save and Close.

The information in the vCard is saved to your Contacts folder.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003