Send and receive messages

In most cases, e-mail messages are sent automatically whenever you click Send in the new message window, and received at several possible times, including when starting Microsoft Outlook, at automatic intervals, and upon manual Send/Receive requests.

Do any of the following:

ShowSend and receive messages for all accounts

  • On the Tools menu, point to Send/Receive, and then click Send/Receive All.

ShowSend and receive messages for a selected account

  • On the Tools menu, point to Send/Receive, point to the account, and then click Inbox.

ShowSend messages from a specific account

If you have set up multiple e-mail accounts (e-mail account: The server name, user name, password, and e-mail address used by Outlook to connect to an e-mail service. You create the e-mail account in Outlook by using information provided by your administrator or Internet service provider (ISP).) in Outlook, you can specify which account to use when sending a message. By default, messages are sent by using the account specified as the default in the E-mail Accounts Wizard. For example, your default account may be your work e-mail account, but you can specify to send a message from another e-mail account, such as your personal Internet service provider (ISP) (ISP: A business that provides access to the Internet for such things as electronic mail, chat rooms, or use of the World Wide Web. Some ISPs are multinational, offering access in many locations, while others are limited to a specific region.) account.

  1. In the message, click Accounts.
  2. Click the account that you want to use.

 Note   Sending messages from your ISP account may require you to be connected to that provider in order to receive permission to use the e-mail server. Contact your network administrator or ISP for more information.

My Send button is missing

When you open a new message in Outlook, you might find that your Send button on the toolbar is missing.

For the Send button to be available, you must have an e-mail account set up in your Outlook profile.

You may have chosen not to add an e-mail account when you installed Outlook or canceled the New Accounts Wizard. After you add an e-mail account, the Send button will be available.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003