Print a calendar showing appointments and meetings

When a calendar is printed in Outlook 2013, either the current day, week, or calendar month is printed. You can print specific dates by using the Date Navigator (Date Navigator: The small calendar that displays the current month in Calendar. It provides a quick and easy way to move appointments and to view other dates.) to select the dates you want.

  1. In Calendar, click File > Print.
  2. Under Settings, click the print style you want. As you click print styles, the preview window changes to match the style.

To print the complete details of appointments and meetings, click Weekly Agenda Style or Calendar Details Style.

  1. To set other print options, such as the paper orientation or the fonts used, click Print Options.
  2. To print specific pages or change the date range to print, under Printer, click Print Options.
  3. To print the details of private appointments, ensure Hide details of private appointments isn’t checked.
  4. Click Print.

 Important    Because there are many different printers, we can’t troubleshoot issues with your printer. For troubleshooting information, see the manufacturer's manual or website.

Applies to:
Outlook 2013