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Manage your mailbox II: Understand your choices for long-term saving

Messages moving in Navigation Pane from Inbox to folder in Personal Folders

In contrast with Archive, when you use the Personal Folders method, you do a bit more work. That is, you'll be the one to create the local folder and subfolders, and you'll put the messages there. You move messages by dragging them, by using menu commands, or by creating your own rules. The advantage? Because you do the moving, you can organize your messages however you like.

Does this sound like you?

  • You like your Inbox empty.
  • You like to file mail as soon as you finish reading it.
  • You like to group messages by project, topic, or other major category.
  • You enjoy devising filing systems, and you think to update those filing systems, for example, when old projects are completed and new ones start.
  • You create rules to move messages to specified locations.

If so, you'll really enjoy the control that Personal Folders give you.

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