Outlook 2007 Best Practices: Find that message!

By Melissa MacBeth

This article is part of a series from Melissa MacBeth's Best practices for Outlook 2007.

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How to find a message from a particular person

If you want to find a message from a particular person, type from: <name> in the search box in your reference folder (for example, 1-Reference).

Search for persons option in Outlook 2007

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How to find a message with an attachment

To find a message with an attachment, type hasattachment:yes in the search box

Search Attachments option in Outlook 2007

For more tips on how to perform efficient searches, see the article Learn to narrow your search criteria for better searches in Outlook and the video Find needles in a haystack with Instant Search.

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About the author

Melissa MacBeth is a Lead Program Manager in the Office product group at Microsoft. She worked on several time management features for Outlook 2007, including the To-Do Bar, flags, flagging on send, and the Daily Task List. She lives in Seattle and enjoys gardening.Melissa MacBeth photo

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