Outlook 2003 training courses

A roadmap to Outlook 2003 training:

1. A great place to start

Course What you'll learn
So that's how! Great Outlook features to organize your Inbox How those same great features sound when you hear someone read the whole course aloud to you
Search Folders: The easy way to find, read, and organize your e-mail Fast ways to find what you want, regardless of where in your mailbox a message is located

2. Send and receive e-mail efficiently

Course What you'll learn
Send and receive photos and attachments with confidence How to show and share information by including pictures and other files with your Microsoft Office Outlook e-mail messages.
So that's how! Tips to get an address on the To line fast Tricks for entering e-mail addresses on the To line of a message (or for keeping it off with Bcc), and for storing and sorting e-mail addresses for easy use
Control how you send and see mail messages The different formats you can choose for outgoing messages, and how incoming messages are formatted
Become an Address Book expert How your Address Book really works, behind the curtain
Audio course: Slice the spam! How Outlook helps protect you from junk e-mail How the Junk E-mail Filter works, how to work with it, and how to make it work best
Create great-looking signatures for your e-mail How to give recipients a snapshot of who you are, by personalizing your messages with a signature

3. Size and storage matters

Course What you'll learn
Manage the size of your mailbox Size basics: how to find out your mailbox size and steps you can take to keep it trimmer
File or archive your e-mail on your own computer Storage basics: archiving and personal folders, and deciding what's best for you
So that's where it is! Find, copy, or back up e-mail on your computer Advanced e-mail storage, from Outlook's perspective: how to know whether your messages are stored on an e-mail server or on your own computer, how to make backup copies, and how to move messages from one computer to another




Course What you'll learn
Get to know your Outlook Calendar Calendar basics such as entering items and setting reminders
So that's how! Great Outlook Calendar features to make time work for you How to divide your day into quarter hours, how to display and switch between multiple time zones, and how to navigate straight to a date
See and share multiple calendars How to track two schedules at once and see them side-by-side
Organize meetings with Outlook Detailed information about scheduling and attending meetings in Outlook
Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries How to link dates in the calendar to the people who make those dates important
Delegate access: Let someone else mind your busyness How to let someone else schedule meetings and appointments for you and manage your calendar so you don't have to

5. Make contact

Course What you'll learn
So that's how: Great Outlook features to organize your contacts How to organize your contacts by functional groups, plus cool tricks for sending messages to a group of contacts all at once

6. When you care to share

Course What you'll learn
Share contacts using Outlook and Windows SharePoint Services How you can keep one contacts list that everyone with permission can view and add to
Share a calendar using Outlook and Windows SharePoint Services How you can keep a group calendar that everyone with permission can see and update

Note     You can also download shorter PowerPoint versions of some courses, or you can download the Quick Reference Cards that summarize each course.

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Online training isn't just for Outlook. It's also available for the other programs in the Microsoft Office System. Because the more you know, the better you do.

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