Managing the size of your mailbox

If the messages in your mailbox are taking up too much space, you've probably already been warned to start deleting some of them or risk being unable to send and receive mail. You can take steps to reduce the size of your mailbox now and to keep it from getting too big in the future.

First, find out how big your mailbox actually is. If it's over the limit your system administrator allows, you'll know how much you need to reduce it. Then start taking advantage of Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 features that help keep your mailbox size down, such as AutoArchive, filtered HTML, and rules.

AutoArchive is a great Outlook tool that saves the messages you want to keep to your hard disk drive, instead of letting them take up space on your mail server. You choose where you want your e-mail messages to be saved and how often you would like AutoArchive to run, and your messages are archived automatically.

Another way to keep your mailbox size down is to use filtered HTML to reduce the size of the messages you send. Many people like the formatting flexibility provided by sending e-mail messages in HTML. By composing messages in filtered HTML instead, you can still use all of the formatting features of Microsoft Office Word 2003, but your sent messages will be much smaller. Outlook removes any HTML formatting information that you didn't use.

Finally, by using rules (also referred to as filters), you can have regularly received e-mail messages, such as daily reports or mailing list messages, automatically moved from your Inbox to a designated folder. You can read the messages in the separate folder when you have the time.

The following links take you to the tools you need to manage the size of your mailbox.

Applies to:
Outlook 2003, Word 2003