Managing calls

When the phone rings, you automatically get ready to take a message. But times have changed, so you no longer have to write messages on slips of paper that could be misplaced or lost. New tools make it easier than ever to capture more information and keep better track of your calls — as well as other incoming information and interactions, such as e-mail messages and meetings.

You can take notes about incoming calls for other people by using message templates in Microsoft Office OneNote 2003 or Microsoft Office Word. It's easy to customize the templates for the information that you want to gather.

Journal, a feature of Microsoft Office Outlook, automatically records the actions that you choose relating to the contacts you have stored in Outlook. By using Journal, you can keep track, by client account, of phone calls received, e-mail messages exchanged, and documents updated. View these actions on a timeline, or by group (for example, you can view just e-mail messages exchanged). In short, Journal provides a complete record of dates and times spent interacting with or on behalf of a particular contact, for easy tracking later.

Use the following tools and information to manage your calls and organize notes and information more efficiently.

Applies to:
OneNote 2003, Outlook 2003, Word 2003