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Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries

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Learn to enter annual events into your Microsoft® Outlook® calendar and to link those events with people in your Contacts folder. Also, learn to set reminders and to create personalized calendar views.

About this course

This course includes:

  • Three self-paced lessons and three practice sessions for hands-on experience.
  • A short test at the end of each lesson; tests are not scored.
  • A Quick Reference Card you can take away from the course.


After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Create annually recurring events in your calendar to keep track of birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Set up reminders so that you have time to purchase a card or gift.
  • Link birthdays and anniversaries with people in your Contacts folder.
  • Display and print a monthly calendar especially for birthdays and anniversaries.

Outlook makes it easy to stay on top of important dates such as birthdays and anniversaries. Did you forget your mom's birthday last year? This year, let Outlook remind you.

Are you a team manager? Do you want to send birthday cards to all of your employees? In Outlook it's easy to link people and important dates. It's also easy to view those dates in the calendar and to create reminders, so that you have enough time to buy and send a card or gift.

To learn more about this course, read the overview in the center of this page or the table of contents in the left column. Then click Next to start the first lesson.

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