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File or archive your email messages

Archive folders mirror those in the Mailbox

Callout 1 Subfolders in Archive Folders are exactly the same as subfolders in Mailbox.
Callout 2 Archived messages are removed from Mailbox and placed in the equivalent subfolders in Archive Folders.

The great thing about AutoArchive is, you don't have to do anything. Once you set it up, it takes care of itself. No hassle, no mess.

Does this sound like you?

  • You never move or delete e-mail messages.
  • You may add folders to the Inbox, but you don't change their names or remove them. Once and for good, is your filing motto.

Then AutoArchive is for you. AutoArchive creates its own rules that work behind the scenes (you don't have to bother creating them). In that process, it creates a folder called Archive Folders, which automatically mirrors the structure of the Mailbox. Wherever you were used to looking for your messages, the archive looks the same way.

Note     AutoArchive stores the entire contents of the Mailbox in the same way that it stores your e-mail. For most people, getting e-mail under control is the first big AutoArchive benefit, so this course will focus on archiving the Inbox.

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