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Keep track of birthdays and anniversaries

Event has no time so it's displayed at top of calendar

Callout 1 Birthday event is at the top of the calendar.
Callout 2 The arrows signify that this is a recurring event.
Callout 3 Meetings and appointments have times associated with them.
Callout 4 Borders at the left of the schedule indicate whether a time is free or busy.

Birthdays and anniversaries are special events. Outlook has its own special meaning of "event." In Outlook, an event lasts 24 hours or more and is displayed in a banner at the top of each day on which it occurs, so it doesn't clutter your calendar.

The event that Outlook automatically creates, from the Birthday or Anniversary box of a contact Details tab, will contain the following information:

  • The Subject field for the event will contain the contact's name and the word "Birthday."
  • Recurrence for the event will be set to Yearly.
  • Show time is set to Free.

Next we'll show you how you could modify this information. Then we'll let you in on a method by which you can create a recurring annual event without using a contact.

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